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Are you ticklish?
by Julie

"Are you ticklish here?" Will teasingly ran his finger up her instep.

Lizzy squirmed, wiggling her toes as she flexed her foot. All she managed was a mute shake of her head, unconsciously biting her lip.

"What about here?" he skimmed his fingers lightly touching her ankle bone.

Another shake of the head, eyes glittering in the moonlight.

"And here?" he asked leadingly, moving his fingers up her calf. He leaned forward as the sand shifted beneath his weight.

"I'm not ticklish." What did she really want? Holding her breath, her hands clutched the rumpled blanket beneath her. Her toes dug into the gritty, cool sand as Will skimmed his fingertips over her knee, heading north.

Exhaling, she closed her eyes, listening to the gentle sound of the waves.

"Not ticklish..." hands grazed the inside of her bared thigh, "Are you sure?"

This time they weren't dancing.

"I'm sure."

A pause. Their eyes met.

A pale streak of pink began to appear on the horizon.

"I think it's time I took you home to the Gardiners."

He reached for the guitar. Wrapping his arm around her, they walked together barefoot upon the cold sand. The end to an unforgettable evening.

Copyright held by Julie, 2006

Long Lasting Love and Affection
by Renée

Soft silver curls adorned his forehead. The light of the last burning candle made his lashes form a shadow on his dimpled cheeks. His firm chin rested on his half bared chest, and his glasses, askew, had shifted to the tip of his nose. One hand unconsciously held the book on his lap. His long legs were outstretched and his well-formed feet reposed on his faithful companion, Hector. Thus she found him, in Pemberley's library, oblivious to the world.

Resting on her cane, taking in the sight of her husband, a feeling of the deepest love and affection overwhelmed Elizabeth.

Copyright held by Renée, 2006

by Renée

Admittedly, disguise of every sort was his abhorrence, but in this case he was inclined to compromise on his principle: her neckline was daring and he loathed sharing his own, legitimate glances on her chest with the less justifiable ones from other men. However, it would not be reasonable to ask her to change and it was not difficult to imagine her reaction if he were to be so impolitic as to make such a suggestion. Therefore, he decided to not allude to it as to avoid her displeasure and, instead said: "You look remarkably well, Mrs. Darcy and you smell heavenly."

Life is too short
by Anne

"How dare you assume that I would ever play for Pemberley? It's the last club in the world I would ever play for! You told Charles that Jane's injury was too serious to have her play on the national team even when all the experts tell her that her knee is perfectly fine! Jane has got more right to be on this team than I have! And poor Wickham! I know all about how you got him sacked as coach for the National Youth Team!"

~ * ~

"Ouch!" Of course William Darcy had expected to be met by suspicion when he had offered Lizzy Bennet a good contract as playmaker for Team Pemberley. Surely the money was an incentive so good that she couldn't refuse? He had however not expected that she would accuse him of such things and then flung her water bottle at him before she stormed to the changing room. That was why he was now trying to find an ice packet in the first aid kit. He had always admired her precise throw.

~ * ~

Lizzy entered the changing room and hurled her shoes at the wall.

Who is William Darcy to give me such an insulting offer? He who thinks life is too short for women's handball!

Copyright held by Anne, 2006

At Half Past Midnight
by Mel

He heard her laughter before he saw her; and following the sound he found her in the gardens. Her head was tilted back in mirth, bare shoulders shaking, all aglow in the moonlight.

If he could see her face then, he knew her dark eyes would be sparkling with playfulness as she looked at her companion. Dark, dancing eyes peering beneath lowered lashes so exquisitely thick. She was hardly aware of the effect that look had on the opposite sex, which made her frequent use of it all the more dangerous.

Elizabeth Bennet, was, in a word, intoxicating.

He would think, given his great fascination with the woman, that such a sight would be his undoing.

And it was; but he derived no great pleasure from it, as the recipient of her warm gaze was another, and he slipped back into the shadows as he made his way back to the house. Email

In the Dark
by Mel

He refilled his glass with brandy and sat down in his favorite chair.

He thought of her; of her eyes that had twinkled repeatedly that night over dinner, eyes that had danced with pleasure when she'd smiled at him... the sound of her gentle laugh as it mingled with his own low one. He remembered how she unconsciously, repeatedly, licked her lips before speaking - and how that gesture had almost driven him to distraction... how, when she'd noticed him staring at her, she'd ducked her head in adorable shyness, the color rising in her cheeks. And he felt her breath on his face once more, seeing her upturned face before him, eyes closed as she waited... all of it seeming like a dream...

And then he saw her in the stranger's arms - a lover's arms, for it had not been a friendly, fleeting embrace. It had been one of want, of refuge, or of a long-awaited reunion.

William shook his head violently. Her bright, laughing eyes and her warm, open smile teased his thoughts til the early hours, steadily fading into emptiness as the bottle's contents diminished.

She would never be his.

A Decent Rousing
by Mel

He stirred, burrowing deeper into the covers. His right hand reached out - splayed fingers seeking warmth - then curled into a fist when it met nothing but thick cotton. William awoke instantly, pulling the blankets to his naked body as he sat up, squinting in the dimness of his room.

His clock read 6am. Had he imagined the previous night's events? No, he thought, feeling a wave of pleasure wash over him as he recognized her faint scent still lingering on the sheets. He was briefly tempted to bury his nose in the rumpled layers, surrounding him with her sweet smell, when he realized he would much rather his nose be nuzzling various parts of her warm womanly body. He had made up his mind to get up when he heard movement in the hallway, and he remained perfectly still, holding his breath as the door opened.

Elizabeth's face broke into a shy smile upon seeing him awake. She perched on the edge of the bed nearest him, and he leaned forward to nestle his nose just below her right ear.

She sighed softly as he claimed her mouth in a rough kiss, her voice a bare whisper.

"Good morning... " Email

Copyright held by Mel, 2006

by Lisa J

Darcy was pleased to have the comforting sound of his friends amiable chatter as he paced the room, though he heard not half the words. Startled from his revive he at length understood Bingley's offer of Brandy.

"No. Thank you Bingley, I do not wish to have my senses dulled. The initial impression I made on my wife taught me a painful lesson, and I am determined not to repeat the mistake with my child"

Bingley smiled, not even Darcy he mused, could offend a newborn.

A muffled cry traversed the thick walls, almost instantly replaced by the ever-present chorus of laughter that accompanied the sisters.

"They are remarkable women Bingley"

A knock on the door ended the visual; Darcy was shown into his wife's chamber.

"Come Fitzwilliam, do not stand on ceremony" teased his Elizabeth "let me introduce your son"

Darcy crossed the room to his wife's side and took his son into his embrace. The child did not cry out, but looked steadily up at the imposing figure that was his father. After a wide-eyed appraisal the child's mind was decided, for he snuggled deeper into the strong arms that held him, and drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Copyright held by Lisa J, 2006

On the Cusp
by Bambu

They reached the outskirts of London at dusk, and Lizzy almost woke her companion. Instead, daringly, she brushed a wayward curl from his brow; his hair was so soft her touch lingered.

A jolt of the carriage startled her and woke Darcy. She snatched her hand back as if burnt.

Dark eyes met hers. "You have leave to touch me, Mrs. Darcy."

Even in the fading light Lizzy's blush was noticeable.

He smiled mischievously before capturing her hand to offer a kiss. "All will be well, Elizabeth."

Butterflies took flight in her stomach and she hoped it would be so.

Winter in Spring
by Bambu

The fizzle of flame sounded loud in the otherwise silent room, and the newly gutted candle was entirely ignored by the man seated at the small writing desk. His entire mien was forlorn. His hair was a rumpled mass of curls, his cravat long askew, and his fingers were ink-stained and cramped.

The room had cooled off as, with the approach of dawn, the fire had died in the grate. In the filtered morning light, the room seemed empty and still.

Dark, haunted eyes stared at the parchment envelope amidst the clutter of quill shavings and other writing paraphernalia. The family crest nestled in a negative bas-relief within the cooling glob of sealing wax. It seemed to mock him.

His pride in his family, his position in society, and his arrogant presumption of his own charms had brought him low.

Abruptly, he rose from the chair and stalked to the window, staring out at the trees surrounding the massive stone edifice of Rosings. Young, green leaves had begun to clothe the slim limbs and sturdy branches.

It was spring in the south of England. Why then, Darcy wondered, did it feel like winter.

A Painful Word
By Bambu

Regret, she thought, was one of the most painful words in the King's English.

Miles of late summer countryside were eaten up by the Gardiner's horses, their hooves pounding the dry roads on the expeditious journey homeward. Dust and worry were her constant companions; those she could give voice to in the presence of her solicitous aunt and uncle. At least, the dust gave a plausible reason for her red-rimmed eyes and the frequent use of her handkerchief.

Privately, however, it was regret for the lateness of her understanding which made Elizabeth ill.

Only now did she comprehend, with some small measure of real empathy, how Darcy must have felt in Kent when she had rejected his proposal.

Suddenly overwhelmed, she twisted to look out the window. The glories of ripening harvests in the fields beyond the close confines of the rocking carriage couldn't pull her attention from the bleakness of her mental landscape.

She shivered in the noonday heat. Why, she wondered, was she so cold?

Copyright held by Bambu, 2006

An Olive Branch
by Katja

William was still half asleep when he started to cry, quietly at first but the noise quickly got more demanding. She squinted at the clock, very tired, but it was too dark to see. She rose with a sigh, picked the baby up from his crib and offered him her breast but the baby would not stop crying long enough to start nursing and she had to pace across the room, attempting to soothe him.

“Hush, Wills, it is all right, mama is here.”

She tried everything she could think of to pacify him but all in vain. The crying got louder and soon he howled as if in terrible pain. She felt a headache coming on as well. Broken nights were taking their toll. She knew from experience that this would take an hour at least.

Finally she made him a nest out of a blanket next to herself and fell on her bed in exhaustion. His sobs came only in occasional cramps now.

Her husband opened the door and looked in. He was shocked. “My dear, do you not remember what Lady Catherine says about sleeping next to the baby?”

Copyright held by Katja, 2006

The Look
by Sofie

Lizzy was uncertain which she wished more - that Darcy appear in the drawing room, or that he stay at the river with the gentlemen. She had just convinced herself of the former when he entered and the atmosphere became alarmingly strained. Elizabeth felt the suspicion of all upon them and wished he had not come. He, seemingly oblivious, chose a nectarine from the table, and bit into it.

The lush fruit burst as his teeth broke the flesh. Despite her unease, Lizzy's fine eyes were drawn to the droplet of juice that glistened upon his lips. He bit into it again. Over the blushing curve of the nectarine's cheek his eyes met hers. They held for a long, heartstopping moment that she had no wish to break. Darcy completed his bite and tilted the fruit towards her in a gesture that could only mean one thing.

In response, Lizzy plucked a grape from the overflowing arrangement and slipped it between her teeth, breaking it before her lips met.

The heightened intensity of his gaze, and the feelings it instilled in her, overbore all other considerations. She was more than glad he had come.

Caroline was of another mind entirely.

Copyright held by Sofie, 2007

by Anniina

The plan was perfect. She wondered why she had never thought of it before. Yes, she would go through with it, despite the storm outside and those dreary Bennets and their insipid cousin staying for the night. She had seen how Darcy looked at Elizabeth Bennet and knew she had to act now.

So, she waited until the house was quiet, got up and slipped into the hallway. It was dark. She almost turned back to get a candle but decided against it - someone might see her. Besides, she knew the way.

Soon she found herself in front of his bedchamber door. She breathed deeply. Everything she wanted was just a few steps away. Slowly, without making a sound, she opened the door and stepped inside. She made her way to the bed and slipped under the covers. She could hear him breathing. She smiled. All she needed to do now was to scream. Someone would come in and see them, and the rest of her plan would work itself out effortlessly. So simple.

She screamed.

The man beside her stirred, but before he could light the candle the door opened and Charles rushed in.

"Caroline?! What on Earth are you doing in bed with Mr. Collins?!"

Copyright held by Anniina, 2007

Those eyes
by Ángeles

She had not felt this way before. She might be too young to know her heart, though the matrons of the neighbourhood could consider her old enough to be married. She didn't care. She only had a chance at happiness and she better made sure not to waste it.

If only she had not let her prejudice blind her! Silly girl! How was she supposed to discern her heart when she utterly failed at comprehending her own judgement?

Could the man staring at her love her twice? Would he be able to forget her hateful words? If she were standing in front of him, here, in his home, she might be able to guess, but no, no more guesses. Foolish guesses were responsible for their situation.

She heard her aunt's voice calling from the hallway. It was time to leave. She was sure she'd never come back again. Why were the skies above them smiling when everything was so gloomy inside her? Would she ever feel again the promise of love? She didn't know.

It was then when she turned around. She was met by the same eyes that had stared back at her from the picture. They were piercing her soul right now, right there. She didn't have to wonder any more. Every answer to her musings was read in them.

Copyright held by Ángeles, 2007

Dancing With a Stranger
by Enid

Thanks for tuning in! Last week we introduced a twist. Our remaining celebrities William and George who danced with Ann and Elizabeth respectively for seven weeks switched their partners.

"We saw your shocked reactions when we announced the switch. Was it because William have said you only had a 'tolerable figure'?"

"Pure gossip! William felt uncomfortable dancing with a stranger. I was just preoccupied with strategies to help him"

"Dancing is like making love! Let's see if William can make love with Elizabeth the stranger in a sensual rumba."

The light in the studio dimmed. William trembled when Elizabeth wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed every inches of her body to him.

How wrong was the presenter, William thought! He had dreamed about making love to Elizabeth since episode two, even though that disgusting George held her body every week.

The switch was fate! William could feel her soft curves, fragrant lavender smell and spicy hot breaths during rehearsals and had endless cold showers afterwards. Tonight she was wearing a tiny red number that made his blood run riot. William was ready to make hot sensual love with Elizabeth tonight, in front millions of TV audiences and afterwards!

Copyright held by Enid, 2007

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